Facilities Management excellence is achieved by organisations effectively managing FM related risks, ensuring that service delivery and service levels are aligned to core business needs thus realising value for money in a continuous improvement framework.

Oban deliver a comprehensive Facilities Management service to manage and maintain your buildings and assets. This includes:


Asset Management

Lifecycle Modelling

Maintenance Planning

Compliance and Risk Management

Sub Contractor Management

Oban is currently delivering Facilities Management Services for a number of Aged Care Providers, Not-for-profits and retail clients.


From roofing and painting to landscaping and cleaning, we deliver the full range of services to maintain your asset.

Looking for true professionals?

We will take care of your building management.

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  • 1 Months, 10 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Oban Group

    Our Energy Monitoring Software that we have running at a small grocery shop in a Retirement Village is starting to build a picture for further analysis and opportunities for energy savings. Looking forward to the next stage and providing our client with the data to make informed decisions around energy management. #energysavings #opportunities #energymanagement

  • 4 Months, 21 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Oban Group

    The Annual Strata Outlook! was another fantastic event held by the Strata Community Association WA. Record breaking attendance. #sponsors #fantastic #communityassociations #strata #records

  • 5 Months, 3 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Oban Group

    Thanks to the Strata Community Association WA and the Award Sponsors for an excellent lunch by the beach at Hampton's. Great venue and event once again. #beaches #hamptons

  • 6 Months, 14 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Oban Group

    Our little elf's (Alicia and Rachel) have been busy making up the Christmas Hampers in readiness for Santa. #business #christmas

  • 6 Months, 29 Days Agoview on linkedin

    Oban Group

    The Strata Community Association (WA) Convention & Awards Gala on Friday was topped off with Oban Group winning the Supplier of the Year Award. Great achievement by all the team and we look forward to working with the Strata Community in WA. Thanks again to the team at Strata Community Association (WA) for a great event and night. hashtag#strata hashtag#ObanGroup #award #suppliers

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